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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] KVM: x86: vmx: throttle immediate exit through preemtion timer to assist buggy guests
Liran Alon <> writes:

> So to sum-up: This matches what I mentioned in my previous emails right?
> That vector 96 is not related, and the only issue here is that level-triggered interrupt handler for vector 80 is doing EOI before lowering the irq-line.
> Which cause vector 80 to be injected in infinite loop.
> And this is not even related to being a nested virtualization
> workload. It’s just an issue in Hyper-V (L1) interrupt handler for
> vector 80.

Yes, it may be related to how communications between Hyper-V and Windows
partition are organized but it's a pure speculation.

> Therefore the only action-items are:
> 1) Microsoft to fix Hyper-V vector 80 interrupt handler to lower irq-line before EOI.
> 2) Patch QEMU IOAPIC implementation to have a mechanism similar to KVM to delay injection of level-triggered interrupt
> in case we are injecting the same interrupt for X times in a row.

I'm intended to do 2) and we already let MS know there's an issue.

Thanks for your help with the investigation guys!


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