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SubjectRe: [PATCH] i2c: isch: Remove unnecessary acpi.h include

> > > Jean, would you like me to repost this with the updates? I assume you
> > > will merge this (just based on
> >
> > I will apply it, now that it has Jean's Rev-by. I assume this is
> > for-next material despite the Fixes tag?
> Definitely for-next material, not for the current release. Jean
> suggested the Fixes tag, I think since it's related to a specific
> commit and could be backported together with that commit.

Makes sense.

> Should there be a MAINTAINERS update to clarify who applies patches to
> drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-isch.c? Right now, doesn't
> mention you (Wolfram).

I have set the i2c/busses directory to 'Odd Fixes' in MAINTAINERS. I
don't want to be mentioned for specific drivers. I am eagerly looking
for driver maintainers to spread reponsibility. Maybe my tree could be
added to Jean's maintainer entry, but not sure what that is worth...

> Patch with tags attached in case it's useful to you (sorry, I'm
> saddled with gmail right now and can't include it inline).

No worries. Patchwork keeps it all for me.

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