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SubjectRe: How to add Unicode character tables to the kernel?
Linus Torvalds <> writes:

> On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 4:09 PM Theodore Ts'o <> wrote:
>> The question is how to do this, with different tradeoffs. One is to
>> simply include a utf8data.h file, which will be 320k. That might
>> sound large, but in fs/nls there are 3544k worth of similar files.
>> Some are relatively small --- only 16k. But others are quite large
>> --- 480k to 856k. The table for Chinese character set is such an
>> example. So in comparison, the 320k size of utf8data.h is quite
>> compact.
>> The problem with this solution is that the files in fs/nls, and the
>> proposed utf8data.h, are generated files.
> Oh, we definitely don't want to copy the original huge tables, and we
> don't even *want* people to edit those things in the first place.
> So generated files are fine. It's not like the source data isn't
> public, and yes, the commit message should have a pointer to it and
> how to get the source and the generated files. But no, we shouldn't
> feel like we should encourage people to be able to generate their own
> modified unicode tables.

Thanks! Ted, as you know, the current patchset depends on the original
tables, so I will adapt it to only include the generated files and
submit a new version to the mailing list.

Gabriel Krisman Bertazi

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