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SubjectRe: How to add Unicode character tables to the kernel?
On Sun, Mar 31, 2019 at 4:09 PM Theodore Ts'o <> wrote:
> The question is how to do this, with different tradeoffs. One is to
> simply include a utf8data.h file, which will be 320k. That might
> sound large, but in fs/nls there are 3544k worth of similar files.
> Some are relatively small --- only 16k. But others are quite large
> --- 480k to 856k. The table for Chinese character set is such an
> example. So in comparison, the 320k size of utf8data.h is quite
> compact.
> The problem with this solution is that the files in fs/nls, and the
> proposed utf8data.h, are generated files.

Oh, we definitely don't want to copy the original huge tables, and we
don't even *want* people to edit those things in the first place.

So generated files are fine. It's not like the source data isn't
public, and yes, the commit message should have a pointer to it and
how to get the source and the generated files. But no, we shouldn't
feel like we should encourage people to be able to generate their own
modified unicode tables.


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