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SubjectRe: [PATCH] block/bfq: fix ifdef for CONFIG_BFQ_GROUP_IOSCHED=y

> Il giorno 29 mar 2019, alle ore 17:44, Holger Hoffstätte <> ha scritto:
> On 3/29/19 5:15 PM, Jens Axboe wrote:
>>>>> Good catch! I run without group scheduling and therefore didn't notice these
>>>>> stray defines earlier. For 5.1 it should merge cleanly; adding this on top of
>>>>> the pending 5.2 BFQ patches required a small context fixup in hunk #1 due to
>>>>> "block, bfq: do not idle for lowest-weight queues".
>>>> I'm hesitant to apply this, since the group scheduling stuff has obviously never
>>>> been tested.
>>> This is simply a regression in 5.1 caused by 73d58118498b - nothing else,
>>> and as such this fix needs to go into 5.1 as well. I'm sure Paolo will agree.
>>> What you so ominously call "the group scheduling stuff" has been there and
>>> shipping in mainline since day 1 of the BFQ merge, and it works fine in 5.0.
>> If that's the case (I didn't check how far back it went), then yes, it should
>> of course go into 5.1.
> Yay.
>> The ominous nature of my reply I'll chalk up to your interpretation
> Fair enough ;)
> A more interesting question is why upstream uses undefined defines
> for patches. That's a first-rate self-grenade if I've ever seen one,
> and obviously something that is easily missed. Paolo?

Paolo feels a little bit ashamed for this mistake :)

This horrible typo may also be the cause of the crashes recently
reported on this list. I've just asked to try this fix:

And yes, I agree that this fix should be applied to 5.1. Thank you
Konstantin for spotting and removing this bomb.


> -h

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