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SubjectRe: [RFC] LKML Archive in Maildir Format
Bjorn Helgaas <> wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 5, 2019 at 5:26 PM Eric Wong <> wrote:
> > Bjorn Helgaas <> wrote:
> > > Any pointers? I guess there's no mutt backend that can read a
> > > public-inbox archive directly?
> >
> > There's mutt patches to support reading over NNTP, so that
> > works:
> >
> > mutt -f news://$INBOX_HOST/$INBOX_NEWSGROUP
> Neomutt includes NNTP support, so I tried this:
> neomutt -f news://
> which worked OK but (1) I only see the most recent 1000 messages and
> (2) obviously isn't reading a *local* archive. Neomutt took about 45
> seconds to start up over my wimpy ISP.
> I assume I could probably have a local archive and run a local NNTP
> server and point neomutt at that local server. But I don't know how
> full-archive searching would work there.

Right. AFAIK there isn't a good solution for search via NNTP.

> > I don't think mutt handles mboxrd 100% correctly, but it's close
> > enough that you can can download the gzipped mboxrd of a search
> > query and open it via "mutt -f /path/to/downloaded/mbox.gz"
> >
> > curl -XPOST -OJ "$INBOX_URL/?q=$SEARCH_QUERY&x=m"
> I got nothing at all with -XPOST, but this:

Ah, I guess nginx (or something in AWS) rejects POST without
Content-Length headers. Adding "-HContent-Length:0"
to the command-line with -XPOST works for lore.

> curl -OJ ""
> got me the HTML source. Nothing that looks like mboxrd. I assume

Right. The "x=m" requests an mbox; but it's only available via
POST requests (to prevent search engine spiders from wasting
time on non-HTML content). With the HTML output in a browser,
the "mbox.gz" button makes the POST request and allows you to
download the mbox.

> this is stupid user error on my part, but even with that resolved, it
> wouldn't have the nice git fetch properties of the git archive, i.e.,
> incremental updates of only new stuff, would it?

You could bump d:YYYYMMDD (there's also "dt:" for date-time if
you need more precision).

> I think my ideal solution would be a mutt that could read the git
> archive directly, plus a notmuch index. But AFAIK, mutt can't do
> that, and notmuch only works with one message per file, not with the
> git archive.
> Something that might work would be to use Konstantin's "git archive to
> maildir" hint but shard into a bunch of smaller maildirs instead of
> one big one, then have notmuch index those, and use mutt or vim with
> notmuch queries instead of having it read in a maildir.

Small Maildirs work great, but large ones fall over. I don't
think having a bunch of smaller Maildirs would help notmuch
since notmuch still needs to know each file path.

The only way I could see notmuch/Maildir working well is to keep
the overall number of messages relatively small.

One of my longer-term goals is to write a mairix-like tool in
Perl which works with public-inbox archives; but I barely have
enough time for public-inbox these days :<

mairix works with gzipped mboxes, which is great for large
archives; but the indexing falls over since it rewrites the
entire search index every time. SSDs have died as a result :<

> But I feel like I must be missing the solution that's obvious to
> everybody but me.

Nope, you're not alone :) There's not a lot of mail software
which can handle LKML-sized histories efficiently.

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