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Subject[PATCH v13 0/4] pstore/block: new support logger for block devices
Why should we need pstore_block?
1. Most embedded intelligent equipment have no persistent ram, which
increases costs. We perfer to cheaper solutions, like block devices.
In fast, there is already a sample for block device logger in driver
MTD (drivers/mtd/mtdoops.c).
2. Do not any equipment have battery, which means that it lost all data
on general ram if power failure. Pstore has little to do for these

[PATCH v13]
On patch 1:
1. no need to check zone->buffer in blkz_zone_write() since it never be null
2. blkz_free_zones should return directly if zones is null
3. In blkz_init_zones(), it will causes memory leak if
blkz_init_zone() return failure because it forget to free zone->buffer.
4. In blkz_zone_write(), we copy new data to ram buffer only when buf and
wlen are valid.
On pathc 2:
1. Fix spelling error on Kconfig
On patch 3:
1. In blkz_pstore_erase(), if there are new but dirty data in pmsg
zone buffer, we should try to flush them to block device.
2. Fix spelling error on Kconfig

[PATCH v12]
On patch 4:
1. Modify the document according to Randy Dunlap's suggestion.

[PATCH v11]
Change patchset label from RFC to PATCH

[PATCH v10]
Cancel DT support for blkoops temporarily.
On patch 1:
1. pstore/blk should unlink PSTORE_BLKDEV when unregister.
On patch 2:
1. cancel DT support temporarily. I will submit other patches to support DT
when DT maintainers acked.
2. add spin lock to protect blkz_info when modify panic operations.
3. change default value of total size on Kconfig from 1024 to 0.

[PATCH v9]
On patch 1:
1. rename part_path/part_size, members of blkz_info, to blkdev/total_size
2. if total_size is zero, get size from @blkdev
3. support multiple variants for @blkdev, such as partuuid, major with
minor, and /dev/xxxx. See details on Documentation.
4. get size from block device
5. add depends on CONFIG_BLOCK
On patch 2:
1. update document
On patch 3:
1. update codes for new blkzone. Blkoops support insmod without total_size.
for example: "insmod ./blkoops.ko blkdev=93:6" (major:minor).
2. use late_initcalls rather than module_init, to avoid block device not
3. support for block driver to add panic apis to blkoops. By this, block
driver can do the least work that just provides panic operations.
On patch 5:
1. update document

[PATCH v8]
On patch 2:
1. move DT to /bindings/pstore
2. Delete details for kernel.

[PATCH v7]
On patch 1:
1. Fix line over 80 characters.
On patch 2:
1. Insert a separate patch for DT bindings.

[PATCH v6]
On patch 1:
1. Fix according to email from Kees Cook, including spelling mistakes,
explicit overflow test, none of the zeroing etc.
2. Do not recover data but metadata of dmesg when panic.
3. No need to take recovery when do erase.
4. Do not use "blkoops" for blkzone any more because "blkoops" is used for
other module now. (rename blkbuf to blkoops)
On patch 2:
1. Rename blkbuf to blkoops.
2. Add Kconfig/device tree/module parameters settings for blkoops.
3. Add document for device tree.
On patch 3:
1. Blkoops support pmsg.
2. Fix description for new version patch.
On patch 4:
1. Fix description for new version patch.

[PATCH v5]
On patch 1:
1. rename pstore/rom to pstore/blk
2. Do not allocate any memory in the write path of panic. So, use local
array instead in function romz_recover_dmesg_meta.
3. Add C header file "linux/fs.h" to fix implicit declaration of function
On patch 3:
1. If panic, do not recover pmsg but flush if it is dirty.
2. Fix erase pmsg failed.
On patch 4:
1. Create a document for pstore/blk

[PATCH v4]
On patch 1:
1. Fix always true condition '(--i >= 0) => (0-u32max >= 0)' in function
romz_init_zones by defining variable i to 'int' rahter than
'unsigned int'.
2. To make codes more easily to read, we use macro READ_NEXT_ZONE for
return value of romz_dmesg_read if it need to read next zone.
Moveover, we assign READ_NEXT_ZONE -1024 rather than 0.
3. Add 'FLUSH_META' to 'enum romz_flush_mode' and rename 'NOT_FLUSH' to
4. Function romz_zone_write work badly with FLUSH_PART mode as badly
address and offset to write.
On patch 3:
NEW SUPPORT psmg for pstore_rom.

[PATCH v3]
On patch 1:
Fix build as module error for undefined 'vfs_read' and 'vfs_write'
Both of 'vfs_read' and 'vfs_write' haven't be exproted yet, so we use
'kernel_read' and 'kernel_write' instead.

[PATCH v2]
On patch 1:
Fix build as module error for redefinition of 'romz_unregister' and

[PATCH v1]
On patch 1:
Core codes of pstore_rom, which works well on allwinner(sunxi) platform.
On patch 2:
A sample for pstore_rom, using general ram rather than block device.

liaoweixiong (4):
pstore/blk: new support logger for block devices
pstore/blk: add blkoops for pstore_blk
pstore/blk: support pmsg for pstore block
Documentation: pstore/blk: create document for pstore_blk

Documentation/admin-guide/pstore-block.rst | 233 ++++++
fs/pstore/Kconfig | 132 +++
fs/pstore/Makefile | 5 +
fs/pstore/blkoops.c | 208 +++++
fs/pstore/blkzone.c | 1251 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
include/linux/pstore_blk.h | 87 ++
7 files changed, 1918 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/admin-guide/pstore-block.rst
create mode 100644 fs/pstore/blkoops.c
create mode 100644 fs/pstore/blkzone.c
create mode 100644 include/linux/pstore_blk.h


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