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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] mincore() and IOCB_NOWAIT adjustments
On Wed, 6 Mar 2019 23:48:03 +0100 (CET) Jiri Kosina <> wrote:

> 3/3 is actually waiting for your decision, see

I pity anyone who tried to understand this code by reading this code.
Can we please get some careful commentary in there explaining what is
going on, and why things are thus?

I guess the [3/3] change makes sense, although it's unclear whether
anyone really needs it? 5.0 was released with 574823bfab8 ("Change
mincore() to count "mapped" pages rather than "cached" pages") so we'll
have a release cycle to somewhat determine how much impact 574823bfab8
has on users. How about I queue up [3/3] and we reevaluate its
desirability in a couple of months?

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