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Subjectman-pages-5.00 is released

After a long gap, the Linux man-pages maintainer proudly announces:

man-pages-5.00 - man pages for Linux

This release resulted from patches, bug reports, reviews, and comments
from around 130 contributors. More than 600 commits changed near 400
pages. 3 new pages were added, and several others have been
substantially enhanced.

Tarball download:
Git repository:
Online changelog:

A short summary of the release is blogged at:

The current version of the pages is browsable at:

A selection of changes in this release that may be of interest
to readers of LKML is shown below.



==================== Changes in man-pages-5.00 ====================

Released: 2019-03-06, Munich

New and rewritten pages

Eugene Syromyatnikov
New page documenting s390_guarded_storage(2) s390-specific system call

Michael Kerrisk [Eugene Syromyatnikov]
New page that contains details of socket address families
There is too much detail in socket(2). Move most of it into
a new page instead.

Michael Kerrisk [Daniel Borkmann, Quentin Monnet]
Add new man page for eBPF helper functions
(autogenerated from kernel source files)

Newly documented interfaces in existing pages

nixiaoming [Amir Goldstein, Michael Kerrisk]
fanotify_init.2: add new flag FAN_REPORT_TID
fanotify.7: update description of member pid in
struct fanotify_event_metadata
Amir Goldstein
Monitor fanotify events on the entire filesystem.
Matthew Bobrowski [Amir Goldstein]

Adam Manzanares

Davidlohr Bueso [Joe Lawrence, Michael Kerrisk]
Document STAT_ANY commands

Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk [Michael Kerrisk]

Claudio Scordino [Michael Kerrisk]

Tobias Klauser
Document AF_XDP
Document AF_XDP added in Linux 4.18.

Henry Wilson

Michael Kerrisk
Michael Kerrisk
Document SCM_SECURITY ancillary data

Changes to individual pages

Michael Kerrisk [Jens Thoms Toerring]
CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW does not count while the system is suspended
Michael Kerrisk [Jens Thoms Toerring]
On Linux CLOCK_MONOTONIC counts time that the system has run since boot
Michael Kerrisk [Jens Thoms Toerring]
CLOCK_MONOTONIC does not count while the system is suspended

Michael Kerrisk
Rework discussion of threads and signals
The discussion is phrased in terms of signals sent using kill(2),
but applies equally to a signal sent by the kernel.
Jann Horn
Pending CLONE_NEWPID prevents thread creation
Michael Kerrisk
Clarify the discussion of threads and signals
And explicitly introduce the terms "process-directed" and
"thread-directed" signals.
Eugene Syromyatnikov
Add information about clone and clone2 on IA-64

Michael Kerrisk
Clarify the behavior when epoll_wait()-ing on an empty interest list
Michael Kerrisk
Note that epoll_wait() round robins through the set of ready descriptors

Michael Kerrisk
Actual pipe capacity may in practice be less than nominal capacity
The number of bytes that can be written to the pipe may be less
(sometimes substantially less) than the nominal capacity.
Michal Hocko [Niklas Hambüchen]
MADV_FREE clarify swapless behavior

Marc-André Lureau
Update hugetlb file-sealing support

Jann Horn [Michal Hocko, William Kucharski]
Fix description of treatment of the hint
The current manpage reads as if the kernel will always pick a free
space close to the requested address, but that's not the case.

Michael Kerrisk
Clearly distinguish per-mount-point vs per-superblock mount flags
Michael Kerrisk
MS_SILENT is ignored when changing propagation type
Michael Kerrisk
Attempts to change MS_SILENT setting during remount are silently ignored
Michael Kerrisk
Clarify that per-superblock flags are shared during remount
Michael Kerrisk
Mandatory locking also now requires CONFIG_MANDATORY_FILE_LOCKING
Michael Kerrisk [Simone Piccardi]
Add MS_STRICTATIME to list of flags that can be used in remount
Michael Kerrisk
EACCES: note some reasons why a filesystem may be read-only

Vince Weaver [Wang Nan]
The PERF_EVENT_IOC_PAUSE_OUTPUT ioctl was introduced in Linux 4.7.
Vince Weaver
Fix wording in multiplexing description
Vince Weaver
Clarify exclude_idle
Vince Weaver
Document the PERF_EVENT_IOC_QUERY_BPF ioctl
Vince Weaver
Vince Weaver
Fix prctl behavior description

Elvira Khabirova
Explain the initramfs case and point to switch_root(8).

Benjamin Peterson
PR_SET_MM_EXE_FILE may now be used as many times as desired
Michael Kerrisk
Add some further historical details on PR_SET_MM_EXE_FILE
Michael Kerrisk [Jann Horn]
Explain the circumstances in which the parent-death signal is sent
Michael Kerrisk
Rework the PR_SET_PDEATHSIG description a little, for easier readability
Michael Kerrisk
Add additional info on PR_SET_PDEATHSIG
The signal is process directed and the siginfo_t->si_pid
filed contains the PID of the terminating parent.
Michael Kerrisk
Note libcap(3) APIs for operating on ambient capability set
(However, the libcap APIs do not yet seem to have
manual pages...)
Michael Kerrisk
Mention libcap APIs for operating on capability bounding set

Michael Kerrisk
Clarify that scheduling parameters are per-thread (not per-process)

Michael Kerrisk
When joining a user namespace, it must be a descendant user namespace
Michael Kerrisk
Note capability requirements for changing PID namespace
Note capability requirements for changing network, IPC, or UTS namespace
Note capability requirements for changing cgroup namespace
Michael Kerrisk
Some text restructuring and reordering

Eugene Syromyatnikov
Note that AF_TIPC also supports socketpair(2)
Introduced by Linux commit v4.12-rc1~64^3~304^2~1.

Eugene Syromyatnikov [Michael Kerrisk]
Update syscall table
Added: arc_gettls, arc_settls, arc_usr_cmpxchg, arch_prctl,
atomic_barrier, atomic_cmpxchg_32, bfin_spinlock, breakpoint,
clone2, cmpxchg, cmpxchg_badaddr, dma_memcpy, execv, get_tls,
getdomainname, getdtablesize, gethostname, getxgid, getxpid,
getxuid, metag_get_tls, metag_set_fpu_flags,metag_set_tls,
metag_set_global_bit, newfstatat, old_adjtimex, oldumount,
or1k_atomic, pread, pwrite, riscv_flush_icache,
sched_get_affinity, sched_set_affinity, set_tls, setaltroot,
sethae, setpgrp, spill, sram_alloc, sram_free, swapcontext,
switch_endian, sys_debug_setcontext, syscall, sysmips, timerfd,
usr26, usr32, xtensa.

Uncommented: memory_ordering

Renamed: ppc_rtas to rtas (__NR_rtas), ppc_swapcontext to
swapcontext (__NR_swacontext).

Andrei Vagin
Note that vmsplice can splice pages from pipe to memory

Michael Kerrisk
Add some cross references to core(5)

Michael Kerrisk
Add reference to glibc MallocInternals wiki
Michael Kerrisk [Philip Dumont]
Document /proc/[tid]
See also
Michael Kerrisk
Add an overview section describing the groups of files under /proc
Keno Fischer [Robert O'Callahan]
Correct description of NStgid
Lucas Werkmeister
Document fdinfo format for timerfd
Michael Kerrisk
Document /proc/PID/status CoreDumping field
Michael Kerrisk
Add a few details on /proc/PID/fdinfo timerfd
Michael Kerrisk
Document /proc/meminfo KReclaimable field
Michael Kerrisk
Explain how to determine top-most mount in /proc/PID/mountinfo
Explain how to determine the top-most mount at a particular
location by inspecting /proc/PID/mountinfo.
Michael Kerrisk
Fix description of /proc/PID/* ownership to account for user namespaces
Elvira Khabirova
Describe ambiguities in /proc/<pid>/maps
Nikola Forró
Document /proc/[pid]/status Speculation_Store_Bypass field
Michael Kerrisk
Setting dumpable to 1 reverts ownership of /proc/PID/* to effective IDs
Michael Kerrisk
Document /proc/Meminfo LazyFree field
Michael Kerrisk
Fix kernel source pathname for soft-dirty documentation
Michael Kerrisk
/proc/[pid]/status VmPMD field was removed in Linux 4.15

Michael Kerrisk
Fix some imprecisions in discussion of namespaced file capabilities
The file UID does not come into play when creating a v3
security.capability extended attribute.
Michael Kerrisk
Note that v3 security.attributes are transparently created/retrieved
Michael Kerrisk
Improve the discussion of when file capabilities are ignored
The text stated that the execve() capability transitions are not
performed for the same reasons that setuid and setgid mode bits
may be ignored (as described in execve(2)). But, that's not quite
correct: rather, the file capability sets are treated as empty
for the purpose of the capability transition calculations.
Michael Kerrisk
Substantially rework "Capabilities and execution of programs by root"
Rework for improved clarity, and also to include missing details
on the case where (1) the binary that is being executed has
capabilities attached and (2) the real user ID of the process is
not 0 (root) and (3) the effective user ID of the process is 0
Marcus Gelderie
Add details about SECBIT_KEEP_CAPS
The description of SECBIT_KEEP_CAPS is misleading about the
effects on the effective capabilities of a process during a
switch to nonzero UIDs. The effective set is cleared based on
the effective UID switching to a nonzero value, even if
SECBIT_KEEP_CAPS is set. However, with this bit set, the
effective and permitted sets are not cleared if the real and
saved set-user-ID are set to nonzero values.
Michael Kerrisk
Add a subsection on per-user-namespace "set-user-ID-root" programs
Michael Kerrisk
Rework discussion of exec and UID 0, correcting a couple of details
Clarify the "Capabilities and execution of programs by root"
section, and correct a couple of details:
* If a process with rUID == 0 && eUID != 0 does an exec,
the process will nevertheless gain effective capabilities
if the file effective bit is set.
* Set-UID-root programs only confer a full set of capabilities
if the binary does not also have attached capabilities.
Michael Kerrisk
Correct the description of SECBIT_KEEP_CAPS
Michael Kerrisk
Document the 'no_file_caps' kernel command-line option

Michael Kerrisk
Add more detail on v2 'cpu' controller and realtime threads
Explicitly note the scheduling policies that are relevant for the
v2 'cpu' controller.
Michael Kerrisk
Document the use of 'cgroup_no_v1=named' to disable v1 named hierarchies
This feature was added in Linux 5.0.
Michael Kerrisk
Reframe the text on delegation to include more details about cgroups v1
Michael Kerrisk [Balbir Singh, Marcus Gelderie]
Soften the discussion about delegation in cgroups v1
Balbir pointed out that v1 delegation was not an accidental

Michael Kerrisk
Introduce the terms "interest list" and "ready list"
Michael Kerrisk
Note that edge-triggered notification wakes up only one waiter
Note a useful performance benefit of EPOLLET: ensuring that
only one of multiple waiters (in epoll_wait()) is woken
up when a file descriptor becomes ready.

Michael Kerrisk [Andreas Westfeld]
Add more detail on why FTMs must be defined before including any header

Michael Kerrisk
List factors that may pin a namespace into existence
Various factors may pin a namespace into existence, even when it
has no member processes.
Michael Kerrisk [Tycho Kirchner]
Briefly explain why CAP_SYS_ADMIN is needed to create nonuser namespaces

Michael Kerrisk
Clarify the semantics for the adoption of orphaned processes
Because of setns() semantics, the parent of a process may reside
in the outer PID namespace. If that parent terminates, then the
child is adopted by the "init" in the outer PID namespace (rather
than the "init" of the PID namespace of the child).
Michael Kerrisk
Note a detail of /proc/PID/ns/pid_for_children behavior
After clone(CLONE_NEWPID), /proc/PID/ns/pid_for_children is empty
until the first child is created. Verified by experiment.
Michael Kerrisk
Note that a process can do unshare(CLONE_NEWPID) only once

Michael Kerrisk
Enhance the description of SCM_RIGHTS
The existing description is rather thin. More can be said.
Michael Kerrisk
There is a limit on the size of the file descriptor array for SCM_RIGHTS
The limit is defined in the kernel as SCM_MAX_FD (253).
Michael Kerrisk [Felipe Gasper]
Clarify SO_PASSCRED behavior
Michael Kerrisk
Explicitly note that SO_PASSCRED provides SCM_CREDENTIALS messages
Michael Kerrisk
If the buffer to receive SCM_RIGHTS FDs is too small, FDs are closed
Michael Kerrisk
One must send at least one byte of real data with ancillary data
Michael Kerrisk
Ancillary data forms a barrier when receiving on a stream socket
Michael Kerrisk
When sending ancillary data, only one item of each type may be sent
Michael Kerrisk
Clarify treatment of incoming ancillary data if 'msg_control' is NULL
Michael Kerrisk
Note behavior if buffer to receive ancillary data is too small
Michael Kerrisk [Florian Weimer, David Newall]
Document the --preload command-line option added in glibc 2.30

Michael Kerrisk
Linux man-pages maintainer;
Linux/UNIX System Programming Training:

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