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SubjectRe: FS-Cache: Duplicate cookie detected
David Howells <> wrote:

> > FS-Cache: Duplicate cookie detected
> > FS-Cache: O-cookie c=000000009da9dbf0 [p=000000001593f904 fl=222 nc=0 na=1]
> > FS-Cache: O-cookie d=00000000287febd9 n=00000000980c9e8a
> > FS-Cache: O-key=[8] '020001bdc0a80064'
> > FS-Cache: N-cookie c=00000000bfe3f869 [p=000000001593f904 fl=2 nc=0 na=1]
> > FS-Cache: N-cookie d=00000000287febd9 n=00000000e153f178
> > FS-Cache: N-key=[8] '020001bdc0a80064'
> I've just spotted something that all these things have in common. The old
> cookie has FSCACHE_COOKIE_RELINQUISHING set in the flags (fl=222). I don't
> have a wait for this situation in fscache - which I should.

I take it back - 0x200 is FSCACHE_COOKIE_ACQUIRED. :-/

I can reproduce a slightly different problem by setting off ~6000 parallel
processes, each reading its own individual directory of files.

I also see reports like this:

FS-Cache: Duplicate cookie detected
FS-Cache: O-cookie c=00000000db33ad59 [p=000000004bc53500 fl=218 nc=0 na=0]
FS-Cache: O-cookie d= (null) n= (null)
FS-Cache: O-cookie o=000000006cf6db4f
FS-Cache: O-key=[16] '0100010101000000e51fc6000323ae02'
FS-Cache: N-cookie c=00000000791c49d0 [p=000000004bc53500 fl=2 nc=0 na=1]
FS-Cache: N-cookie d=00000000e220fe14 n=00000000d4484489
FS-Cache: N-key=[16] '0100010101000000e51fc6000323ae02'

with no cookie def or netfs data and flags ACQUIRED, RELINQUISHED and
INVALIDATING - which I can insert a wait for.


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