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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] page cache: Store only head pages in i_pages

Other than the bug Song found in memfd_tag_pins(), I'd like to suggest two quick
but pedantic changes to mm/filemap.c:

Though not modified in this patch, in line 284, the parenthesis should be moved
to after the period:

* modified.) The function expects only THP head pages to be present in the

> + * Move to the next page in the vector if this is a small page
> + * or the index is of the last page in this compound page).

A few lines later, there is an extraneous parenthesis, and the comment could be a bit

Might I suggest:

* Move to the next page in the vector if this is a PAGESIZE
* page or if the index is of the last PAGESIZE page within
* this compound page.

You can say "base" instead of "PAGESIZE," but "small" seems open to interpretation.

I haven't run across any problems and have been hammering the code for over five days
without issue; all my testing was with transparent_hugepage/enabled set to

Tested-by: William Kucharski <>
Reviewed-by: William Kucharski <>
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