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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 5/7] perf script python: add Python3 support to
On 3/5/19 2:16 AM, Adrian Hunter wrote:
> On 2/03/19 3:19 AM, Tony Jones wrote:
>> Support both Python2 and Python3 in the script
>> There may be differences in the ordering of output lines due to
>> differences in dictionary ordering etc. However the format within lines
>> should be unchanged.
>> The use of 'from __future__' implies the minimum supported Python2 version
>> is now v2.6
>> Signed-off-by: Tony Jones <>
>> Signed-off-by: Seeteena Thoufeek <>
>> Cc: Adrian Hunter <>
> One change missed, see below, otherwise:

I tested the patch on a Skylake system but it was not connected to our standard
network so I had to move files manually. It seems I managed to somehow mess up
and not attach the correct patch :(
>> def trace_unhandled(event_name, context, event_fields_dict):
>> print ' '.join(['%s=%s'%(k,str(v))for k,v in sorted(event_fields_dict.items())])
> Also above line

You are correct. Apologies. I'll send a revised version.


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