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Subject[PATCH v5 0/9] Mediatek MT8183 clock support
Resend clock patches from v4 based on v5.0-rc1.

The whole series now is composed of
a fix for PLL tuner (PATCH 1),
clock common changes for both MT8183 & MT6765 (PATCH 2-3),
clock support of MT8183 (PATCH 4-8) and
resend a clock patch long time ago(PTACH 9).

changes since v4:
- refine for the fix of PLL tuner(PATCH 1).
- add configurable pcw_chg_reg for MT8183 and the following IC(PATCH 7).

changes sinve v3:
- add fix tag.
- small change of mtk_clk_mux data structure.
- use of_property_for_each_string to iterate dependent subsys clock of power domain.
- document critical clocks.
- reduce some clock register error log.
- few coding style fix.

changes sinve v2:
- refine for implementation consistency of mtk clk mux.
- separate the onoff API into enable/disable API for mtk scpsys.
- resend a patch about PLL rate changing.

changes since v1:
- refine for better code quality.
- some minor bug fix of clock part, like incorrect control address
and missing clocks.

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