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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4/4] leds: lm3532: Introduce the lm3532 LED driver

* Dan Murphy <> [190321 14:29]:
> Introduce the Texas Instruments LM3532 White LED driver.
> The driver supports ALS configurability or manual brightness
> control.
> The driver also supports associating LED strings with specific
> control banks in a group or as individually controlled strings.

Thanks for getting this driver done. I need help a bit using
this though.. What's the glue to the drm driver?

I can control the backlight brightness just fine via /sys, and
backlight shows up as the trigger in /sys/class/leds/lm3532:backlight,
but /sys/class/backlight is empty and looks like drm can't find it.

Do I need to enable some additional driver(s) to get this to work
with the drm driver?



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