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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] mm: Implement kmem objects freeing queue
On Thu, 21 Mar 2019, Waiman Long wrote:

> When releasing kernel data structures, freeing up the memory
> occupied by those objects is usually the last step. To avoid races,
> the release operation is commonly done with a lock held. However, the
> freeing operations do not need to be under lock, but are in many cases.
> In some complex cases where the locks protect many different memory
> objects, that can be a problem especially if some memory debugging
> features like KASAN are enabled. In those cases, freeing memory objects
> under lock can greatly lengthen the lock hold time. This can even lead
> to soft/hard lockups in some extreme cases.
> To make it easer to defer freeing memory objects until after unlock,
> a kernel memory freeing queue mechanism is now added. It is modelled
> after the wake_q mechanism for waking up tasks without holding a lock.

It is already pretty easy. You just store the pointer to the slab object
in a local variable, finish all the unlocks and then free the objects.
This is done in numerous places of the kernel.

I fear that the automated mechanism will make the code more difficult to
read and result in a loss of clarity of the sequencing of events in
releasing locks and objects.

Also there is already kfree_rcu which does a similar thing to what you are
proposing here and is used in numerous places.

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