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SubjectStable patches that don't apply to older kernels and how to get them

would it be possible to have a git repository with all patches that are
submitted to stable@ but don't apply directly?

I get notified by mail, that's fine though it's not that convenient to
see all the pending patches for backport to a given version.

My proposal:

- create a separate stable-unapplied git repository

- if a patch does not apply to a given version, it's stored as-is to a
directory of the base version (like 4.4)

- once a fixed version is applied to stable-queue.git/released-4.4, the
patch in the other repo is deleted

I believe this can be highly automated and once implemented would not
too much additional work to the stable workflow. I could possibly write
a scraper of the mail archives to pick the patches and manage the
repository but I think that a central repository could help other
maintainers too or to spread the load to all interested developers.

If something like that already exists, please let me know.

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