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SubjectRe: [RFC v4 00/17] kunit: introduce KUnit, the Linux kernel unit testing framework
On 3/4/19 3:01 PM, Brendan Higgins wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 1:38 PM Brendan Higgins
> <> wrote:
>> This patch set proposes KUnit, a lightweight unit testing and mocking
>> framework for the Linux kernel.
> <snip>
>> ## More information on KUnit
>> There is a bunch of documentation near the end of this patch set that
>> describes how to use KUnit and best practices for writing unit tests.
>> For convenience I am hosting the compiled docs here:
>> Additionally for convenience, I have applied these patches to a branch:
>> The repo may be cloned with:
>> git clone
>> This patchset is on the kunit/rfc/5.0-rc5/v4 branch.
>> ## Changes Since Last Version
>> - Got KUnit working on (hypothetically) all architectures (tested on
>> x86), as per Rob's (and other's) request
>> - Punting all KUnit features/patches depending on UML for now.
>> - Broke out UML specific support into arch/um/* as per "[RFC v3 01/19]
>> kunit: test: add KUnit test runner core", as requested by Luis.
>> - Added support to kunit_tool to allow it to build kernels in external
>> directories, as suggested by Kieran.
>> - Added a UML defconfig, and a config fragment for KUnit as suggested
>> by Kieran and Luis.
>> - Cleaned up, and reformatted a bunch of stuff.
>> --
>> 2.21.0.rc0.258.g878e2cd30e-goog
> Someone suggested I should send the next revision out as "PATCH"
> instead of "RFC" since there seems to be general consensus about
> everything at a high level, with a couple exceptions.
> At this time I am planning on sending the next revision out as "[PATCH
> v1 00/NN] kunit: introduce KUnit, the Linux kernel unit testing
> framework". Initially I wasn't sure if the next revision should be
> "[PATCH v1 ...]" or "[PATCH v5 ...]". Please let me know if you have a
> strong objection to the former.
> In the next revision, I will be dropping the last two of three patches
> for the DT unit tests as there doesn't seem to be enough features
> currently available to justify the heavy refactoring I did; however, I

Thank you.

> will still include the patch that just converts everything over to
> KUnit without restructuring the test cases:

The link doesn't work for me (don't worry about that), so I'm assuming
this is:

[RFC v4 15/17] of: unittest: migrate tests to run on KUnit

The conversation on that patch ended after:

>> After adding patch 15, there are a lot of "unittest internal error" messages.
> Yeah, I meant to ask you about that. I thought it was due to a change
> you made, but after further examination, just now, I found it was my
> fault. Sorry for not mentioning that anywhere. I will fix it in v5.

It is not worth my time to look at patch 15 when it is that broken. So I
have not done any review of it.

So no, I think you are still in the RFC stage unless you drop patch 15.

> I should have the next revision out in a week or so.

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