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SubjectRe: Re: [PATCH V2 2/2] Input: rotaty-encoder - Add DT binding document

i used this rotary-encoder patch in my embedded project and found two

First, in drivers/input/misc/rotary_encoder.c,
at @@ -237,6 +244,16 @@:
instead of

+        if (err)
+            dev_err(dev, "unable to get keycodes: %d\n", err);
+        return err;

it must be

+        if (err) {
+            dev_err(dev, "unable to get keycodes: %d\n", err);
+            return err;
+        }

otherwise successful creation of device is not possible.

Second, a typo in
at @@ -48,3 +52,11 @@:
instead of

+            rotary-encoder,relative-keycode = <103>, <108>;

it should be

+            rotary-encoder,relative-keycodes = <103>, <108>;
otherwise keycodes are not found.

I am sorry, I know that E-Mail style is not good.
I have no time right now, but I'll be back in two weeks.
Someone, maybe Mr. Han, could submit a new version of the patch.
If not, I'll try to do it on my return. (it could take some time, since
I am new to patchwork)

Best Regards and thanks
Alexey Slepov

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