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Subject[BISECTED, REGRESSION] Broken networking on MIPS/OCTEON EdgeRouter Lite

When booting v5.1-rc1 on EdgeRouter Lite (MIPS/OCTEON), with at803x phy
driver enabled, networking no longer works - I even need to go physically
power cycle the board before getting networking to work again (otherwise
bootloader cannot tftp an older working image).

Bisected to:

commit 6d4cd041f0af5b4c8fc742b4a68eac22e420e28c
Author: Vinod Koul <>
Date: Thu Feb 21 15:53:15 2019 +0530

net: phy: at803x: disable delay only for RGMII mode

Booting v5.1-rc1 with this commit reverted makes networking to work
fine again.


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