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SubjectRe: PC-SyS : Let this Fair Labour construct be the standardization and way forward for Available Source.
Apple seems to be inline with much of our philosophy already, having moved to a BSD base, 4K resolution, Itunes, Mac Mini. Microsoft seems to be interested in Available Source aswell. And we all could agree on a standard according to my philosophy of a Fair Labour compliant OS, which agreed on by 68erbros, zën, and Islam, and thus popculture at large!



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On Thursday 14. March 2019 kl. 15:56, Ywe Cærlyn <> wrote:

> Little recap also:
> We see a behavioral problem in the Available Source space. And earlier we see ill-management in IT-space, that we can trace to biblical regressions.
> And we see the psilocybin god, at its greatest with the hippies, that has support for Palestine, and Islam this way.
> And zën, has a language that we understand Islam by, egolessness and universal transcendence. Therefore we suggest to move to a zën-concept of the God, where 68'erBros politics is respected, and in line with Palestine support, and with this also recognize that a Fair Labour compliant OS, may just as well be a 68'erBros cause, and work for launching this, and support all main principles of 68'erBros politics, absolute reality of zën, and Islam. With such a harmonization of philosophy, we think we have done the best with the behavioural problems, and also establish a more professional online space, and a good online currency, where means are indeed meant to be used and dynamic.
> Peace!
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> On Wednesday 13. March 2019 kl. 17:16, Ywe Cærlyn wrote:
> > I did som more work on my youtube profile, and its getting to be a very coherent concept. As it states: Let this fair labour construct be the standardization and way forward for available source.
> > And we have decided on the name Monys for the online currency this will be about. Where everyone is a digital content creator, with a pure and reasonable supply and demand matrix.
> > Peace!
> > Ywe Cærlyn,
> > initiativetaker, and philosophy groundwork.
> >

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