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SubjectRe: Staging status of speakup
Chris Brannon, le ven. 15 mars 2019 18:19:39 -0700, a ecrit:
> Okash Khawaja <> writes:
> > Finally there is an issue where text in output buffer sometimes gets
> > garbled on SMP systems, but we can continue working on it after the
> > driver is moved out of staging, if that's okay. Basically we need a
> > reproducer of this issue.
> What kind of reproducer do you need here? It's straightforward to
> reproduce in casual use, at least with a software synthesizer.

The problem is that neither Okash nor I are even casual users of
speakup, so we need a walk-through of the kind of operation that
produces the issue. It does not have to be reproducible each time it is
done. Perhaps (I really don't know what that bug is about actually) it
is a matter of putting text in the selection buffer, and try to paste it
100 times, and once every 10 times it will be garbled, for instance.


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