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SubjectRe: Staging status of speakup
On Fri, Mar 15, 2019 at 01:01:27PM +0000, Okash Khawaja wrote:
> Hi,
> We have made progress on the items in TODO file of speakup driver in
> staging directory and wanted to get some clarity on the remaining
> items. Below is a summary of status of each item along with the quotes
> from TODO file.
> 1. "The first issue has to do with the way speakup communicates
> with serial ports. Currently, we communicate directly with the hardware
> ports. This however conflicts with the standard serial port drivers,
> which poses various problems. This is also not working for modern
> hardware such as PCI-based serial ports. Also, there is not a way we
> can communicate with USB devices. The current serial port handling
> code is in serialio.c in this directory."
> Drivers for all external synths now use TTY to communcate with the
> devices. Only ones still using direct communication with hardware ports
> are internal synths: acntpc, decpc, dtlk and keypc. These are typically
> ISA cards and generally hardware which is difficult to make work. We
> can leave these in staging.

Ok, that's fine.

> 2. "Some places are currently using in_atomic() because speakup
> functions are called in various contexts, and a couple of things can't
> happen in these cases. Pushing work to some worker thread would
> probably help, as was already done for the serial port driving part."
> There aren't any uses of in_atomic anymore. Commit d7500135802c
> "Staging: speakup: Move pasting into a work item" was the last one that
> removed such uses.

Great, let's remove that todo item then.

> 3. "There is a duplication of the selection functions in selections.c.
> These functions should get exported from drivers/char/selection.c
> (clear_selection notably) and used from there instead."
> This is yet to be done. I guess drivers/char/selection.c is now under
> drivers/tty/vt/selection.c.

Yes, someone should update the todo item :)

> 4. "The kobjects may have to move to a more proper place in /sys.The
> discussion on lkml resulted to putting speech synthesizers in the
> "speech" class, and the speakup screen reader itself
> into /sys/class/vtconsole/vtcon0/speakup, the nasty path being handled
> by userland tools."
> Although this makes logical sense, the change will mean changing
> interface with userspace and hence the user space tools. I tried to
> search the lkml discussion but couldn't find it. It will be good to
> know your thoughts on this.

I don't remember, sorry. I can review the kobject/sysfs usage if you
think it is "good enough" now and see if I find anything objectionable.

> Finally there is an issue where text in output buffer sometimes gets
> garbled on SMP systems, but we can continue working on it after the
> driver is moved out of staging, if that's okay. Basically we need a
> reproducer of this issue.
> In addition to above, there are likely code style issues which will
> need to be fixed.
> We are very keen to get speakup out of staging both, for settling the
> driver but also for getting included in distros which build only the
> mainline drivers.

That's great, I am glad to see this happen. How about work on the
selection thing and then I can review the kobject stuff in a few weeks,
and then we can start moving things for 5.2?


greg k-h

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