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SubjectRe: [PATCH] net: can: Increase tx queue length
Hi Kedar,

On 3/15/19 11:04 AM, Appana Durga Kedareswara Rao wrote:

>> Having about 10 elements in a CAN driver tx queue allows to work with
>> queueing disciplines
>> ( and also to maintain a
>> nearly real-time behaviour with outgoing traffic.
>> When the CAN interface is not able to cope with the (intened) outgoing traffic
>> load, the applications should get an instant feedback about it.
>> There is a difference between running CAN applications in the real world and
>> doing performance tests, where it makes sense to increase the tx-queue-len to
>> e.g. 1000 and dump 1000 frames into the driver to check the hardware
>> performance.
> Thanks, Oliver, Martin, Andre, Toke, Dave for your inputs...
> So to conclude this the default txqueuelen 10 is ideal for real-time CAN traffic,
> For Stress/Performance tests user manually need to increase the txqueuelen based on his requirements.
> Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Yes, I would confirm that approach.

As Martin Jerabek pointed to a discussion with Michal Sojka here:

You might also go for a more academic view based on the number of
different CAN applications on the host.

@Martin: Would you like to propose a patch for can.txt (now can.rst)?


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