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SubjectRe: [PATCH] loop: drop caches if offset or block_size are changed

We have observed an issue in production with this patch.
If we mount -o loop,offset=... $file, mount will issue 2 ioctl back to back:
- LOOP_SET_STATUS64 with offset change.

Looking at kill_bdev, it calls truncate_inode_pages(). From its
comment, mapping->nrpages can still be non-zero:
* Note: When this function returns, there can be a page in the process of
* deletion (inside __delete_from_page_cache()) in the specified range. Thus
* mapping->nrpages can be non-zero when this function returns even after
* truncation of the whole mapping.
It is therefore possible to have truncated all the pages, but nr_page
still be !0.
We would fail the mount with -EAGAIN while it was perfectly valid.

Is the test for nrpages really necessary in the second part of the patch?


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