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SubjectRE: [PATCH] libnvdimm/dimm: Add a no-BLK quirk based on NVDIMM family
> From: Dan Williams <>
> Sent: Sunday, February 3, 2019 11:14 AM
> > ...
> > As I understand, the essence of the issue is: Hyper-V emulates the
> > label mechanism (i.e. it supports _LSI and LSR), but doesn't do it
> > right (i.e. it doesn't support _LSW).
> >
> > To manage the namespaces, Linux can choose to use label or not.
> >
> > If _LSI/_LSR are supported, Linux assumes _LSW is supported as well
> > and chooses to use label (i.e. the label mode), but since Hyper-V doesn't
> > support _LSW, Linux fails to change the namespace configuration.
> No, that's not quite right. The reason Linux does not see the fsdax
> mode configuration is due to the missing "address abstraction GUID" in
> the label produced the default Hyper-V configuration.
Hi Dan,
Do you mean NVDIMM_DAX_GUID?

> In label-less mode there is no "address abstraction GUID" to validate so
> it falls back to just using the info-block directly.
In the case of not using label storage area, as I understand the info-block
resides in regular data storage area. Can you please tell me where exactly
the info-block is and how its location is decided?
And I suppose the info-block contains the NVDIMM_DAX_GUID?

I'm asking because I found I lose ~500MBytes of the 32GBytes Hyper-V
NVDIMM device, when the namespace is in fsdax mode. When it's in
raw mode, I'm able to use all of the 32GB space.

> The _LSW issue is if you wanted to reconfigure a raw namespace to
> fsdax mode. The current flow tries to delete the label, but that's
> only for reconfiguration, not the initial boot-up case that is
> currently failing. The deletion would fail on finding no label-write
> capability, but to be clear the boot-up case does not perform any
> writes.
Thanks for the explanation!

> > In Ubuntu 19.04 (4.18), the kernel is not aware of Hyper-V _LSI/_LSR, so
> > the created namespace is in "label-less" mode, and hence can't be used
> > with the libnvdimm-pending branch + this patch, unless we add a quirk
> > in Linux to explicitly not use the label.
> >
> > I agree ideally Hyper-V should hide the label capability, and I'll request
> > Hyper-V team to do that. I hope Hyper-V guys are still able to do that
> > in time so we won't need a quirk in Linux kernel.
> After some more thought, the "no regressions" rule means that Linux
> should ship a quirk for this by default. I think a good heuristic is
> to disable label support by default if no _LSW method is detected. An
> opt-in can be specified to accept "read-only" configurations, but
> that's an exceptional case. I'll send a patch for this.
> > BTW, I suppose Windows VM should be in "label-less" mode.
> I expect Windows mandates labeled operation. This label-less concept
> was something Linux shipped in advance of a specification being
> ratified and to support early NVDIMMs that don't advertise label
> space.
Since Hyper-V NVDIMM doesn't support _LSW, IMO Windows VM
can't update the LSI area either, so I guess Windows VM can't use
label either, just like Linux VM? I guess Windows VM also stores an
"info block" when the namespace is in dax mode, just like Linux VM?

BTW, it looks the dax mode configuration in Linux VM is incompatible
with that in Windows VM(?) When I create a DAX-enabled NTFS partition
in Windows VM in the same Hyper-V NVDIMM, Windows VM is able to
use all of the 32GB space (As I mentioned above, in Linux I lose ~500MB).
And the "dax" mode namespace created in Windows VM is detected
as "raw", and vice verse (I think).

I'm trying to understand why I lose ~500MB in Linux dax mode.
Your insights are appreciated!

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