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SubjectRe: [PATCH] omap3: give off mode enable a more prominent place
On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 07:56:04 -0800
Tony Lindgren <> wrote:

> * Andreas Kemnade <> [190202 06:01]:
> > Enabling off mode was only reachable deeply hidden
> > in the debugfs. As powersaving is an important feature,
> > move the option out of its shady place.
> How about let's enable always if we have the twl4030
> configured to allow it? You can just check if the dts has
> "ti,twl4030-power-idle" or "ti,twl4030-power-idle-osc-off"
> properties set.
> In order to enable deeper idle states, the user space still
> needs to idle the UARTs and possibly other hardware blocking
> idle. So we should be safe there.
Let us not mix up runtime pm and system pm. The uarts need
to be idled for runtime suspend, but they are off/ret for
system suspend without userspace intervention, so allowing off mode
will have an influence even without uart runtime suspend,
and also probably for other powerdomains (non-core/per).
So we still need to be sure to handle at least some erratas and
context save/restore correctly.

Your Idea seems to be in pseudocode
if (powersaving_wanted)

I had something in mind like
if (system_is_trusted_to_handle_offmode()

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