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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 04/10] crypto: akcipher - new verify API for public key algorithms
Hi Vitaly,

On Sun, 2019-02-24 at 09:08 +0300, Vitaly Chikunov wrote:
> Previous akcipher .verify() just `decrypts' (using RSA encrypt which is
> using public key) signature to uncover message hash, which was then
> compared in upper level public_key_verify_signature() with the expected
> hash value, which itself was never passed into verify().
> This approach was incompatible with EC-DSA family of algorithms,
> because, to verify a signature EC-DSA algorithm also needs a hash value
> as input; then it's used (together with a signature divided into halves
> `r||s') to produce a witness value, which is then compared with `r' to
> determine if the signature is correct. Thus, for EC-DSA, nor
> requirements of .verify() itself, nor its output expectations in
> public_key_verify_signature() wasn't sufficient.
> Make improved .verify() call which gets hash value as input and produce
> complete signature check without any output besides status.
> Now for the top level verification only crypto_akcipher_verify() needs
> to be called.

All but this patch apply.  Which branch is this patch based against?


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