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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/selftests/xsave: Introduce XSAVE tests
On 2/27/19 1:24 PM, Yu-cheng Yu wrote:
> In the past there were some issues resulting from additions to
> XSAVE/XSAVES. Introduce a few tests to help detect issues early.

Thanks for doing this!

I wonder, though, if you can spend a little more time on these. They
look a little "raw". They're virtually free of comments and there is no
explanation of what the tests do or why they do them. I honestly forget
things like what XSAVE has to do with fork() failing, for instance.

I'd question why we need 5 different .c files. It also seems like
things like set_ymm() could be trivially factored into a .h rather than
making 5 copies of them.

selftests don't need to be perfect, but I think these could use a _bit_
more polish before merging.

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