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SubjectRE: Realtek r8822be kernel module does not negotiate 802.11ac connection
> This message is in regard to a bug I have open on, 1813372,
> linked below.  This issue, originally identified in an Ubuntu kernel, has been
> duplicated in the most current mainline kernel, 5.0-rc8, and is in regard to
> problems attaining a wireless connection at 802.11ac speeds.
> At your earliest convenience, please see the bug report above, and advise if a fix
> will be available for the r8822be kernel module.
> Sincerely,
> David R. Bergstein


If it's possible I will suggest that you can use the new driver "rtw88" being
reviewed now. rtw88 is better supported by Realtek and has significant
improvement in contrast to r8822be. And also it is aim to better support
802.11ac series ICs, so it may help resolve your problem about 802.11ac
connection speeds.


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