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SubjectRe: [PATCH] kobject: Don't trigger kobject_uevent(KOBJ_REMOVE) twice.
On 2019/02/21 21:31, Tetsuo Handa wrote:
> On 2019/02/21 20:09, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
>>>> This is the correct fix (in spirit, we may argue about whether it is
>>>> valid to call the flag "state_add_uevent_sent" now or we should or
>>>> collapse both it and "state_add_uevent_sent" into
>>>> "need_send_remove_uevent"). Other subsystems are in their own right to
>>>> not expect to get uvent callbacks past the point of calling
>>>> device_del() as they are tearing down parts of the device environment
>>>> (even though the device structure may stay in memory for a while).
>>>> Thanks.
>>> Which subsystems benefit from commit 0f4dafc0563c6c49 ("Kobject: auto-cleanup
>>> on final unref") ? If there is no such subsystem, it will be better to remove
>>> state_add_uevent_sent and state_remove_uevent_sent logic.
>> You are asking me about a patch from 2007. I have no idea, try removing
>> it and see what happens :)
> Waiting for response from Kay Sievers who wrote that patch. ;-)

No response from Kay Sievers...

Well, can we apply this patch for now because making sure that
"state_remove_uevent_sent won't be attempted twice" should be safer for
stable kernels than "removing the state_{add,remove}_uevent_sent logic" ?

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