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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4.20 000/183] 4.20.13-stable review
On Mon, Feb 25, 2019 at 10:09:33PM +0100, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
> This is the start of the stable review cycle for the 4.20.13 release.
> There are 183 patches in this series, all will be posted as a response
> to this one. If anyone has any issues with these being applied, please
> let me know.
> Responses should be made by Wed Feb 27 19:49:59 UTC 2019.
> Anything received after that time might be too late.

Build results:
total: 171 pass: 169 fail: 2
Failed builds:
Qemu test results:
total: 291 pass: 291 fail: 0

The build failure is:

In file included from arch/powerpc/kernel/ptrace.c:24:
In function ‘user_regset_copyin’,
inlined from ‘vr_set’ at arch/powerpc/kernel/ptrace.c:490:9:
include/linux/regset.h:258:4: error:
‘memcpy’ offset [-527, -529] is out of the bounds [0, 16] of object ‘vrsave’ with type ‘union <anonymous>’

The problem is not new. It is seen now because I switched to use
gcc 8.3.0. The problem is fixed in linux-next.


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