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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 01/20] asm-generic/mmiowb: Add generic implementation of mmiowb() tracking
I love removing mmiowb(), but..

On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 10:50 AM Will Deacon <> wrote:
> +#ifndef mmiowb_set_pending
> +static inline void mmiowb_set_pending(void)
> +{
> + __this_cpu_write(__mmiowb_state.mmiowb_pending, 1);
> +}
> +#endif
> +
> +#ifndef mmiowb_spin_lock
> +static inline void mmiowb_spin_lock(void)
> +{
> + if (__this_cpu_inc_return(__mmiowb_state.nesting_count) == 1)
> + __this_cpu_write(__mmiowb_state.mmiowb_pending, 0);
> +}
> +#endif

The case we want to go fast is the spin-lock and unlock case, not the
"set pending" case.

And the way you implemented this, it's exactly the wrong way around.

So I'd suggest instead doing

static inline void mmiowb_set_pending(void)


static inline void mmiowb_spin_lock(void)

which makes that spin-lock code much simpler and avoids the conditional there.

Then the unlock case could be something like

static inline void mmiowb_spin_unlock(void)
if (unlikely(__this_cpu_read(__mmiowb_state.mmiowb_pending))) {
__this_cpu_write(__mmiowb_state.mmiowb_pending, 0);

or something (xchg is generally much more expensive than read, and the
common case for spinlocks is that nobody did IO inside of it).

And we don't need atomicity, since even if there's an interrupt that
does more IO while we're in the spinlock, _those_ IO's don't need to
be serialized by that spinlock.

Hmm? Entirely untested, and maybe I have a thinko somewhere, but the
above would seem to be better for the common case that really matters.


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