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SubjectRe: [PATCH v15 15/15] tracing: Add hist trigger action 'expected fail' test case
On Wed, 20 Feb 2019 12:45:15 -0600
Tom Zanussi <> wrote:

> > OK, so this has nothing to do with your patch set. I've tested
> > everything else, and I'm ready to finally push my tree to linux-next.
> >
> > I'm thinking that we should get rid of xfail, as it's really
> > confusing,
> > and I don't understand its purpose. But that shouldn't stop pushing
> > your patches.
> >
> OK, I'm fine with removing it, if it's too confusing. IIRC Masami
> suggested it to highlight that not all actions and handlers can be used
> together, so I guess I'll hold off on a patch removing it until he can
> chime in...

Yeah, its a different issue. At the very least, we should change the
color of XFAIL to green.

-- Steve

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