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SubjectRe: [PATCH] iio/chemical/bme680: Fix SPI read interface

> > Report temperature in millidegrees Celcius instead of degrees.
> Jonathan, I didn't know about this but is there any rationale to report
> in millidegress ?

Misguided attempt in the early days of IIO to match hwmon units.
Sadly it is now the ABI and hence 'unfixable'. Same odd units
for voltage and current + a few others that date back to those
days. A big oops. There are some other non obvious bits and
pieces so should always check the ABI docs which should be near

> I was under the impression that degC is the standard and you would
> always want you Fitbit/Smart watch to report in degC. Ofcourse,
> userspace program can convert millideg -> degC

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