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SubjectRe: [PATCH] staging/android: use multiple futex wait queues

> Have you tested this?

I have finally set up a cuttlefish test env and tested both my first
patch set[0] and this patch (v2).

My first patch set works fine. I have nothing to say about it.

> Noticed any performance speedups or slow downs?

This patch doesn't work.

The boot process goes well. Overall, calls to vsoc_cond_wake are executed
slightly faster. However the system freezes at some point.

The graphical interface generates many calls to vsoc_cond_wake and wait,
so I suspect an issue with the locks. I will investigate this and come back
with an updated patch.



Hugo Lefeuvre (hle) |
RSA4096_ 360B 03B3 BF27 4F4D 7A3F D5E8 14AA 1EB8 A247 3DFD
ed25519_ 37B2 6D38 0B25 B8A2 6B9F 3A65 A36F 5357 5F2D DC4C

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