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SubjectRe: [PATCH] nvmem: core: fix the return value check when calling the notifier chain

On 15/02/2019 09:41, Bartosz Golaszewski wrote:
>> rval will be masked with STOP MASK, so the above statement could be
>> false even if we have error.
>> So you should consider returning an errono which can be understood by user:
>> may be something like this:
>> if (rval & NOTIFY_STOP_MASK) {
>> rval = notifier_to_errno(rval);
>> goto err_remove_cells
>> }
> Actually I'm now thinking we can remove this check at all - most users
> never check the return values of notifier chain calls. This function
> cannot fail in itself. What do you think?
Thats even better, I was about to suggest the same on the fact that we
should allow nvmem provider to register to be successful irrespective of
the notifier callback failures.


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