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SubjectRe: Bug#919356: Licensing of include/linux/hash.h
Jens Axboe <> writes:

> On 2/11/19 11:27 PM, Ben Finney wrote:
> > If, on the other hand, the file is to be free software, there would need
> > to be a clear grant of some free software license to that work.
> FWIW, fio.c includes the following mention:
> * The license below covers all files distributed with fio unless otherwise
> * noted in the file itself.
> followed by the GPL v2 license.

Great! That does appear to be a positive assertion from the copyright
holder, that we have a grant to use that work under GPLv2.

That written grant of license can be used in the Debian package to
demonstrate our license to the work.

> I'll go through and add SPDX headers to everything to avoid wasting
> anymore time on this nonsense.

Not necessary from my point of view for this specific case, because we
have the clear explicit grant of license. Don't let me stop you from
doing the good work of documenting more clearly :-)

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Ben Finney

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