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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tty/nozomi: use pci_iomap instead of ioremap_nocache
> Use pci_iomap instead of ioremap_nocache in nozomi_card_init(). This
> is a cleaner way to do PCI MMIO (performs additional checks) and
> allows to drop the manual call to pci_resource_start.
> pci_iomap relies on ioremap for MMIO and thus has uncached behavior.

there's still something unclear to me about dc->card_type being used as
size argument to ioremap_nocache().

dc->base_addr is the sum of all six io region lengths, not the size of
region 0 which we are trying to map here. Why not using the size of region
0 instead ?

If the goal is to map all six regions "at once", I'm not sure how this is
supposed to work. Is there any kind of guarantee that all six regions will
be adjacent?

If this is a bug then this patch "somehow" already adresses it since
pci_iomap calls pci_resource_len itself. Otherwise this patch is broken.

Hugo Lefeuvre (hle) |
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