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SubjectRe: Crypto Fixes for 5.0
On Thu, Jan 31, 2019 at 9:42 PM Herbert Xu <> wrote:
> This push fixes a bug in cavium/nitrox where the callback is invoked
> prior to the DMA unmap.

This is not so much a comment about the pull itself (which I did half
an hour ago), as about the fact that it looks like the pr-tracker
robot doesn't seem to trigger for your pull requests, even if they are
cc'd to lkml.

Maybe you don't care, but while I stopped doing the manual "ack"
emails for pulls, I've continued to try to notice when some pull of
mine doesn't get the attention of the pr-tracker. I've probably missed
several cases of them...

The reason seems to be that the pr-tracker bot only tracks pull
requests from emails with one of

- ^[GIT
- ^[PULL

in the subject line (case insensitive, afaik), and so your plain
"Crypto Fixes for 5.0" doesn't trigger it.

(My list of what triggers the pr-tracker bot may be old, I suspect
Konstantin has ended up tweaking the bot more since the early
descriptions he gave, so take the above more as a rough guide than any
set-in-stone rules)

Anyway, if you do care, maybe whatever script or workflow you use for
pull requests could just add that "[GIT PULL]" to the subject line,
and you'd get that automatic ack email when I've pulled and pushed


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