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SubjectRe: single aio thread is migrated crazily by scheduler
* Jens Axboe <> [2019-11-21 09:19:29]:

> >
> > I wish there was a flag to wake_up() or to the event object that says
> > to relinquish the remaning of the time-slice to the waiter on same
> > CPU, since I will be soon sleeping.
> Isn't that basically what wake_up_sync() is?

Workqueue don't seem to be using wait_queue_head which is needed when using
wake_up_sync and its related APIs. Also wake_up_sync would work when the
waking task seems to hand off the CPU and goes to sleep/block. However here,
i.e in fsperf case atleast, the waking thread continues to run after it has
woken the per cpu workqueue.

Thanks and Regards
Srikar Dronamraju

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