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SubjectRe: 5.5-rc1 oops on boot in 802.11 kernel driver
Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <> writes:

> Kalle Valo <> writes:
>> Hi Steve,
>> Steve French <> writes:
>>> Noticed this crash in the Linux kernel Wifi driver on boot a few
>>> minutes ago immediately after updating to latest mainline kernel about
>>> an hour ago. I didn't see it last week and certainly not in 5.4.
>> please CC linux-wireless on all wireless related problems, we don't
>> follow lkml very closely and I found your email just by chance.
>> Full warning below. Steve is using iwlwifi.
> Right, we already got a similar report off-list, but with a different
> stack trace. I was going to try to reproduce this on my own machine
> today. However, the fact that this includes the iwl_mvm_tx_reclaim()
> function may be a hint; that code seems to be reusing skbs without
> freeing them?
> If I'm reading the code correctly, it seems the reuse leads to the same
> skb being passed to ieee80211_tx_status() multiple times; the driver is
> clearing info->status, but since we added the info->tx_time_est field,
> that would lead to double-accounting of that SKB, which would explain
> the warning?
> Can someone familiar with iwlwifi confirm that this is indeed what that
> code is supposed to be doing? If it is, I think it needs the patch
> below; however, if I'm wrong, then clearing the field could lead to the
> opposite problem (that skbs fail to be accounted at all), which would
> lead to the queue being throttled because the limit gets too high and is
> never brought back down...

Right, and now I did boot up my own laptop with the -next kernel, and
tested the patch. It definitely breaks things, so that was not the
issue. However, I don't get the WARN_ON either, so don't have any better
ideas. I guess we'll have to wait for someone who actually knows the
iwlwifi driver to take a look at this :)


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