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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 2/2] drm/bridge: tc358767: Expose test mode functionality via debugfs
(Cc'ing Daniel for the last paragraph)

On 09/12/2019 07:08, Andrey Smirnov wrote:
> Presently, the driver code artificially limits test pattern mode to a
> single pattern with fixed color selection. It being a kernel module
> parameter makes switching "test pattern" <-> "proper output" modes
> on-the-fly clunky and outright impossible if the driver is built into
> the kernel.

That's not correct, /sys/module/tc358767/parameters/test is there even if the driver is built-in.

I think the bigger problems are that there's just one value, even if there are multiple devices, and
that with kernel parameter the driver can't act on it dynamically (afaik).

> To improve the situation a bit, convert current test pattern code to
> use debugfs instead by exposing "TestCtl" register. This way old
> "tc_test_pattern=1" functionality can be emulated via:
> echo -n 0x78146302 > tstctl
> and switch back to regular mode can be done with:
> echo -n 0x78146300 > tstctl

In the comment in the code you have 0 as return-to-regular-mode.

With my setup, enabling test mode seems to work, but when I return to regular mode, the first echo
results in black display, but echoing 0 a second time will restore the display.

Hmm, actually, just echoing 0 to tstctl multiple times, it makes the screen go black and then
restores it with every other echo.

> + debugfs = debugfs_create_dir(dev_name(dev), NULL);
> + if (!IS_ERR(debugfs)) {
> + debugfs_create_file_unsafe("tstctl", 0200, debugfs, tc,
> + &tc_tstctl_fops);
> + devm_add_action_or_reset(dev, tc_remove_debugfs, debugfs);
> + }
> +

For me this creates debugfs/3-000f/tstctl. I don't think that's a clear or usable path, and could
even cause a name conflict in the worst case.

Not sure what's a good solution here, but only two semi-good ones come to mind: have it in sysfs
under the device's dir, or debugfs/dri/something. The latter probably needs some thought and common
agreement on how to handle bridge and panel debugfs files. But that would be a good thing to have,
as I'm sure there are other similar cases (at least I have a few).


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