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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] input: elants: Support Asus TF300T touchscreen
10.12.2019 03:19, Michał Mirosław пишет:
> This series implements changes needed to support EKTF3624-based touchscreen
> used in eg. Asus Transformer Pad TF300T.
> Michał Mirosław (6):
> input: elants: document some registers and values
> input: elants: support old touch report format
> input: elants: support common touchscreen DT properties
> input: elants: detect max_x/y from hardware
> input: elants: refactor elants_i2c_execute_command()
> input: elants: read touchscreen size for EKTF3624
> drivers/input/touchscreen/elants_i2c.c | 365 ++++++++++++++++---------
> 1 file changed, 237 insertions(+), 128 deletions(-)

Hello Michał,

Very nice work! I saw these patches couple days ago on the rere git, but
wasn't sure if you were going to submit them. It's very good that you
found time to send them out, looks like we're going to have a fully
supported eKTF3624 in upstream soon!

It's a bit unfortunate that Elantech firmware writers couldn't maintain
common commands format for all firmware versions, but not really a big
deal since it will be one more trivial patch to support Nexus 7 :)

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