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SubjectRe: was: Fair Pay - Libra Netcurrency?
In the development of an optimal Interface System, we see considerations to culture, became relevant, and a universalization of paradigm, finding the three letter paradigm to be too narrow.

Particulary the error margin of a culture, goes to the club, where it gets its outlet in sex.

The question becomes how much can one improve it? Or really what can one do with the schizophrenia of psychiatry vs club, that itself states sex on the city is ok.

It will never resolve.

If one analyses history, gods of the club kind, often were gay, until they found the holy grail, that for sexual purposes, reduced the mushromm god, to minimal, so that it was not gay, in the club itself.

Making weekdays macho, and the weekend gardenly.Which is what many people still believe, - The three-letter paradigm of most societies.

Which basically a good O.S. must escape. Or I.S. really Interface System, as we deal really only with interfacing between software and hardware.

Because where I grew up this three-letter paradigm was so fixed, that basically a drunk O.S. like Microsoft just could happen.

I am trying the name Z-IS, for the moment, trying to escape this paradigm, as much as possible, giving the club to those who want, and really have nothing to do with it myself. I just want an optimal economy for myself, and my society.

And so comes the question, what netcurrency should one support? The same considerations goes to this ofcourse.

Libra seems to be GNU related. So even Facebook tries to do this in GNU space.

Any thoughts on this? (sane please)

Fair Pay Project.

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