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SubjectRe: [PATCH] KVM: vmx: remove unreachable statement in vmx_get_msr_feature()

Paolo Bonzini <> wrote:
>> Wanpeng Li <> wrote:
>>>>> I personally just prefer to remove the “default” case and change this “return 0;” to “return 1;”.
>>>>> But it’s a matter of taste of course.
>>>> Yes. As what " Turnip greens, all have love " said. ^_^
>>> Actually it is a great appreciated to introduce something more useful instead of tons of cleanups, I saw guys did one cleanup and can incur several bugs before.
>> I'd like to introduce something more useful, but side corner cleanups
>> may be hard to found out something to introduce. And such cleanups can
>> also be validated by code inspection to avoid something bad. Many thanks.
>Yeah, I think you have been doing a good job. Usually, when the cleanups introduce bugs there are many other "suspicious" things. For me it's clear that you're learning the code and not just messing around.

Many thanks for your approve. I really feel grateful for it. In fact, I am investigating the
code and expect a deep understanding. But it's really a enormous, sophisticated and
wonderful world, what I can do now is try to keep the code clean. Maybe I could introduce some useful
features someday. Many thanks again.

Best wishes.
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