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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] Second set of RISC-V updates for v5.5-rc1
On Fri, Dec 6, 2019 at 1:15 PM Anup Patel <> wrote:
> Better approach is to have a fragmented .config for extra DEBUG options.

Guys, stop this silly thread already.

The fact is, defconfig is useful for basic smoke testing - automated
compile and boot testing, and getting perhaps random people to test

But it is not appropriate for a distro to use. Anybody who makes that
argument is wrong. If you actually know what you are doing, the
defconfig is entirely irrelevant, and no, trying to make special debug
fragments isn't going to make it more so.

So if you are a RISC-V distro: stop using the defconfig. You shouldn't
have used it in the first place. It's not meant to be a usable one.

And no, don't start making "more defconfigs". We've had that mess too.
It's broken too.

If you are a distro maintainer and you cannot be bothered to make your
own config file, then you should just stop being a distro maintainer,
and maybe take up farming instead.

Right now you guys are just wasting everybody elses time. Stop it.

Or at least remove me from the cc, because I'm not interested in this
whiny "I'm too lazy to maintain my own config, and I _insist_ that the
defconfig is meant only for me".


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