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SubjectRe: [PATCH] MIPS: BPF: Restore MIPS32 cBPF JIT; disable MIPS32 eBPF JIT

Paul Burton wrote:
> Commit 716850ab104d ("MIPS: eBPF: Initial eBPF support for MIPS32
> architecture.") enabled our eBPF JIT for MIPS32 kernels, whereas it has
> previously only been availailable for MIPS64. It was my understanding at
> the time that the BPF test suite was passing & JITing a comparable
> number of tests to our cBPF JIT [1], but it turns out that was not the
> case.
> The eBPF JIT has a number of problems on MIPS32:
> - Most notably various code paths still result in emission of MIPS64
> instructions which will cause reserved instruction exceptions & kernel
> panics when run on MIPS32 CPUs.
> - The eBPF JIT doesn't account for differences between the O32 ABI used
> by MIPS32 kernels versus the N64 ABI used by MIPS64 kernels. Notably
> arguments beyond the first 4 are passed on the stack in O32, and this
> is entirely unhandled when JITing a BPF_CALL instruction. Stack space
> must be reserved for arguments even if they all fit in registers, and
> the callee is free to assume that stack space has been reserved for
> its use - with the eBPF JIT this is not the case, so calling any
> function can result in clobbering values on the stack & unpredictable
> behaviour. Function arguments in eBPF are always 64-bit values which
> is also entirely unhandled - the JIT still uses a single (32-bit)
> register per argument. As a result all function arguments are always
> passed incorrectly when JITing a BPF_CALL instruction, leading to
> kernel crashes or strange behavior.
> - The JIT attempts to bail our on use of ALU64 instructions or 64-bit
> memory access instructions. The code doing this at the start of
> build_one_insn() incorrectly checks whether BPF_OP() equals BPF_DW,
> when it should really be checking BPF_SIZE() & only doing so when
> BPF_CLASS() is one of BPF_{LD,LDX,ST,STX}. This results in false
> positives that cause more bailouts than intended, and that in turns
> hides some of the problems described above.
> - The kernel's cBPF->eBPF translation makes heavy use of 64-bit eBPF
> instructions that the MIPS32 eBPF JIT bails out on, leading to most
> cBPF programs not being JITed at all.
> Until these problems are resolved, revert the removal of the cBPF JIT &
> the enabling of the eBPF JIT on MIPS32 done by commit 716850ab104d
> ("MIPS: eBPF: Initial eBPF support for MIPS32 architecture.").
> Note that this does not undo the changes made to the eBPF JIT by that
> commit, since they are a useful starting point to providing MIPS32
> support - they're just not nearly complete.
> [1]

Applied to mips-fixes.

> commit c409cd05ab7f
> Signed-off-by: Paul Burton <>
> Fixes: 716850ab104d ("MIPS: eBPF: Initial eBPF support for MIPS32 architecture.")


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