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SubjectRe: [PATCH 4.19 073/321] bus: ti-sysc: Check for no-reset and no-idle flags at the child level
* Pavel Machek <> [191204 13:00]:
> On Tue 2019-12-03 23:32:19, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
> > From: Tony Lindgren <>
> >
> > [ Upstream commit 4014c08ba39476a18af546186da625a6833a1529 ]
> >
> > With ti-sysc, we need to now have the device tree properties for
> > ti,no-reset-on-init and ti,no-idle-on-init at the module level instead
> > of the child device level.
> >
> > Let's check for these properties at the child device level to enable
> > quirks, and warn about moving the properties to the module level.
> >
> > Otherwise am335x-evm based boards tagging gpio1 with ti,no-reset-on-init
> > will have their DDR power disabled if wired up in such a tricky way.
> >
> > Note that this should not be an issue for earlier kernels as we don't
> > rely on this until the dts files have been updated to probe with ti-sysc
> > interconnect target driver.
> This is queued for 4.19-stable, but the comment seems to say it is not
> needed in the older kernels.
> Tony, do we want this in 4.19?

Correct, it should not be needed as the related devicetree are
not in earlier kernels and I doubt anybody is going to use a newer
devicetree with v4.19.

I guess one usecase could be to enable more of the accelerators
for v4.19, but that work is still ongoing in the mainline
kernel and would require quite a bit backporting with the reset
and clock driver changes.

So yeah this one can be dropped for earlier kernels.



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