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SubjectRe: [PATCH] powerpc/pseries/cmm: fix wrong managed page count when migrating between zones

> Am 05.12.2019 um 03:59 schrieb Michael Ellerman <>:
> David Hildenbrand <> writes:
>> Forgot to rename the subject to
>> "powerpc/pseries/cmm: fix managed page counts when migrating pages
>> between zones"
>> If I don't have to resend, would be great if that could be adjusted when
>> applying.
> I can do that.
> I'm inclined to wait until the virtio_balloon.c change is committed, in
> case there's any changes to it during review, and so we can refer to
> it's SHA in the change log of this commit.
> Do you want to ping me when that happens?

Sounds like a good idea, we have time until 5.5. I‘ll ping/resend.


> cheers

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