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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] arm64: dts: realtek: Add RTD1319 SoC and Realtek PymParticle EVB
On 2019-12-05 10:58 am, Andreas Färber wrote:
>> + arm_pmu: pmu {
>> + compatible = "arm,armv8-pmuv3";
>> + interrupts = <GIC_PPI 7 IRQ_TYPE_LEVEL_LOW>;
>> + interrupt-affinity = <&cpu0>, <&cpu1>, <&cpu2>,
>> + <&cpu3>;
>> + };
> @Robin, is this single PPI interrupt better than previous single SPI?

Yes, a PPI is ideal (since it allows core to see its own local interrupt).

> Is "arm,armv8-pmuv3" the correct one to use for Cortex-A55? There's no
> "arm,cortex-a55-pmu" binding - is that still in the works?

Hmm, I had thought that had been done already, but apparently not. Looks
like it's high time for another round of event map updates for the
latest Cortex and Neoverse cores, so I guess I'll add that to our
backlog internally - although the PMU events should be in the public
TRMs so if anyone else *did* fancy ploughing through them to spin
patches they're always welcome to :)

In the meantime the generic PMUv3 compatible will at least expose the
subset of mandatory architectural events, which is arguably more useful
than nothing.

>> +
>> + psci {
>> + compatible = "arm,psci-1.0";
> @Lorenzo: Same question as left unanswered for RTD1619:
> Should this be "arm,psci-1.0", "arm-psci-0.2"?
> The YAML schema allows both, without clearly documenting which one shall
> be used in new DTs, and there's no psci-1.0 example either.

FWIW the age of the DT shouldn't really be relevant - it's a question of
whether the platform's EL3 firmware actually implements the PSCI 1.0 (or
later) spec, or is some fossilised binary based on the older version.


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